Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Campbell County Goes Republican in 2008


Sorry for the long absence from the blog. I hope to keep it much more current now that the election season is behind us.

It was a great year for Republicans in Campbell County. William Baird was elected County Mayor, defeating appointed (and defeated in 2006) Mayor Jerry Cross, and 'Independent' Fred Cole. William won with a little over 40% of the vote in a 3 man race.

In the November elections, John McCain carried Campbell County by nearly 75%. Lamar Alexander won ovewhelmingly in Campbell county (and overwhelmingly statewide). Ken Yager defeated Becky Ruppe in Campbell County and also in the 12th District. Chad Faulkner ran a great race and kept it close enough in Campbell County where his strong support in Union County pushed him over the top.

Campbell County has a Republican County Mayor, State Representative, State Senator, and 2 United States Senators.

It also was a huge year for Republicans across Tennessee in November 2008. Republicans expanded the majority in the State Senate to 19 (Republicans picked up seats formerl held by Mike Williams, Tommy Kilby, and John Wilder). In the State House, Republicans did the unimaginable and got to 50. Republicans ran great and succesful campaigns all across Tennessee, and our very own House Race was crucial to getting at 50.

With the results above statewide, there will now be a Republican Secretary of State, Comptroller of the Treasury, and Treasurer. Also, all 95 County Election Commissions go from 3 Dems and 2 Repubs to 3 Repubs and 2 Dems.

What a year!!!


Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Official....

Well, the filing deadline has come and gone for the 2008 election cycle. The following Republicans have qualified to be the next State Representative from the 36th District:

Mark K. Goins
Vic King
Phillip Richardson
Chad Faulkner

These candidates have until next Thursday (April 10, 2008) to withdraw if they so choose.

In the 12th Senatorial District, Ken Yager has no primary opposition and will face Democrat Becky Ruppe in the battle for the 12th District. Yager is the former County Mayor in Roane County for over 20 years. Ruppe, the Democrat, is the former County Mayor of Morgan County.

We will have more on these races and the county races soon.